BoneheadZ a.s. is a leading digital system integrator for the countries of Eastern Europe, offering complete solutions for Broadcast and Production companies, Postproduction houses, Film Laboratories, TV stations, Game Developers, Computer graphics studios and 3D&2D animation studios.  

The company was established in 2002 and is progressively spreading activities, product portfolio, services and number of clients. We are working with great professionals in the digital media creation industry such as Autodesk, Bright Technologies, The Foundry, GB Labs, Film Light, TV Logic, DotHill, ATTO, The Pixel Farm, Imagineer Systems, MTI Film, Dolby, Barco, DFT, Assimilate, Cinevation, Scale Logic Europe B.V., DVC, Telestream, Genarts and others.   

BoneheadZ  offers wide services from pre-sales consulting (professional advice, systems purchasing recommendations, workflow integration), system integration, technical & marketing support, to trainings, product demos and customer presentations.


Contact details

boneheadz, a.s.

Račianska 124

831 54 Bratislava


phone nr.: +421 2 3266 1462

Fax: +421 2 3266 1466

e-mail contact: info(at)

VAT: SK2020229981


Ladislav Hodinka

Ladislav Hodinka

general manager

t : +421 2 3266 1451

f : +421 2 3266 1466

m: +421 903 700 954

e : hodinka (at)



Elena Pramukova

Elena Pramukova

finance assistat

t : +421 2 3266 1462

f : +421 2 3266 1466

m: +421 911 708 788

e : pramukova (at)



Martin Losonsky

Martin Lošonský

technical support

t: +421 2 3266 1465

f: +421 2 3266 1466

m: +421 903 702 988

e: losonsky (at)



Andrej Andil

Andrej Andil

account manager

t : +421 2 3266 1460

f : +421 2 3266 1466

m: +421 911 272 488

e : andil (at)



Filip Tarabas

Filip Tarabáš

data processing operator

m: +421 902 767 303

e : tarabas (at)



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