Check out for the Sapphire News: Customer Spotlight on Carbon VFX and In-Depth with Bokeh Lights.


Sapphire News: Customer Spotlight on Carbon VFX and In-Depth with Bokeh Lights.

Customer Spotlight: Carbon VFX

Carbon VFX, a full-service creative studio specializing in visual effects, motion graphics, and design, puts out some of the most compelling and beautiful work in the post production industry. Take a few minutes and read how Kieran Walsh and the gang at Carbon fit Sapphire into their production pipeline.



In-Depth With Sapphire BokehLights

Join John Dickinson of Motionworks as he takes an introductory look at Sapphire BokehLights. This recent addition to the Sapphire family is a highly customizable effect that creates soft and pretty defocused lighting elements (or bokeh) from scratch. John will guide you through the parameters of BokehLights and demonstrate how to accurately replicate pre-existing bokeh elements already in your footage. A must-watch!



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