With their newly installed Piql System up and running, Piql Slovakia / boneheadz a.s. is ready to print valuable and sensitive information to piqlFilm.

Piql Slovakia ready for production

Although having offered Piql Services to the Slovakian market for some time already, Piql can now do the production of data to piqlFilm in their state-of-the-art premises themselves.

Before the installation of the Piql System in Zilina, the team at Piql had to send client’s data to other production facilities like in Norway or Mexico. The Piql System in Slovakia is now the only one available for production in Europe besides the operation of Piql AS.

„This opens new opportunities for clients in Slovakia that have restrictions regarding their information leaving the country“, says Ladislav Hodinka, General Manager of boneheadz, a.s.

The installation has also brought new additions to the team, and two highly trained system operators are ready to produce & also offer technical support for their clients.

And as of today, Piql Slovakia is ready to support all Piql Partners in Europe and Asia with production of Piql Services.

Piql Slovakia has their offices in Bratislava, and their production centre is located in Zilina.

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