CORTEX v5 New Release

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Dolby Vision Editing

Use timeline editing functions such as trim, cut and paste, to manipulate Dolby Vision metadata

IMF Organizer Tree

Collect IMF original versions and supplemental packages in one herarchical view

Analysis Graphs

Analyze and display Quality Assurance parameters such as video levels and dead pixels in a comprehensive timeline graph, and export these in a report

Dolby Vision Software CMU

Built-in software-based Dolby Vision Content Mapping Unit functionality in real time

ProRes IMF Capability

Create IMF packages that contain ProRes media

ProRes Pass-Through Editing

Encode only the changed ProRes frames, while passing through original media to a single output file

Improved Dead Pixel Repair

Repair dead pixels with no visible repair artifacts

Improved MTI-Samsung Upres

Region of interest for upres for perfect edges

New Waveform Display Choices

New scales and chromaticity display for HDR

Edit timeline in Color Tool

New hybrid mode for Edit and Color functions in one view.

QC Comments with Report

Add operator comments with a severity level attached to a timecode