With the release of the Flame 2019.1 Update, five new videos have been posted to the Flame Learn Channel.

These first five videos cover various features enhancements and workflows with more to come!

  1. MasterGrade: Grading with RGB Curves - introducing the RGB Curves in the HDR float-point capable MasterGrade Grading toolset.
  2. Connected Conform Workflow: Sorting the Source Sequence - the new ability to sort the sources sequence by either Source or Record Timecode
  3. Connected Conform Workflow: Working with Speed Changes - New enhancements to better manage speech changes when it comes to connecting multiple sequences.
  4. VFX with Batch Groups in the Sequence - New ability to round-trip editorial and VFX using Batch Groups without using the Connected Conform Workflow
  5. Animation: Drawing a Motion Curve - New Animation tool allowing you to free hand draw motion curves and apply them to any animatable channel in Flame.

You can check out these videos in the playlist and more on the Flame Learning Channel - https://autode.sk/2LAM0N2

Also available on Autodesk AREA Learning and as a podcast on iTunes.