Are you ready for IBC 2019? MTI sure is. Come visit them explore new features of Cortex & DRS™Nova in booth 6.C27. See you there!


Cortex will be demonstrated each of the other days, with new features such as Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision CMv4 support.

CORTEX is a Windows based application that runs on Windows 10 and uses standard PCs with Nvidia GPUs


What’s New

CORTEX QC - $2995 per year
New edition for QC Evaluation
Includes Edit and QA Tools

IMSC 1.1 Subtitle Support
Netflix Spec updated
Apple Spec updated
Fox Spec updated
Sony Spec updated
DCP - SMPTE and Interop
DPP Packaging

Dolby Vision™ Certified!
Versions CM2 and CM4 Mastering
Dolby Vision™ Tunneling
Dolby Vision™ XML Validation

Video Cards
Nvidia 2080ti
AJA Kona 5
Blackmagic Decklink 8k

File Formats
ProRes Raw
Blackmagic Raw

What’s Improved

Copy Tool
Append LTO LTFS Tape
Append PDF Report

Color Tool
ACES 1.1
Additional Color Space Options
Additional LUTs

Edit Tool
DCP Encryption with Subtitles & Supplementals for
SMPTE & Interop
Audio Waveforms

QA Tool
Improved Dead Pixel Detection
Faster Dead Pixel Operation
Improved Video Scopes


Check below DRS™Nova new features which will be shown mainly on Saturday afternoon, Sept 14.

This includes an improved De-Flicker Tool that solved complex zone flicker issues and difficult color bumps all at once.

DRS™NOVA is a Windows based application that runs on Windows 10 and uses standard PCs with Nvidia GPUs


What’s New

Shine! Coming Q1 2020
Best in class dirt and debris filter
Repairs all dirt sizes and
fleeting scratches. Included for all
customers with support contracts.

Alpha Filter Support

File Formats
EXR Compressed

Project Management
Import EDLs
Export EDLs

Video Cards
GPU support for:
Zonal Deflicker

What’s Improved

DRS™ Tool
Improved Color Bump fix for printer mis-lights.

AutoFilter Tool
Minimum size threshold
Extended Alpha filter UI

Deflicker - Zonal Tool
GPU Render Acceleration
Selectable AutoFrames at beginning and
end of segments

Stabilization Tool
Improved Analysis
GPU Render Acceleration

Dewarp Tool
GPU Render Acceleration


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