Assured SAN Pro 5000 series

Dot Hill’s AssuredSAN® Pro 5000 Series is a hybrid SSD and HDD SAN storage system that accelerates I/O. Using the Pro 5000 Series with integrated RealStor™ management software, IT managers can improve data responsiveness, remove guesswork and simplify SAN storage management.Assured SAN Pro 5000 series

RealStor, Dot Hill’s storage tiering software takes responsiveness to a new level - that of continuously responding to user data storage demands by moving 'hot' data to a high-speed SSD tier.



AssuredSAN® PRO 5000 Video Demo

The AssuredSAN Pro 5000 storage tiering software responds to data access needs automatically, without human intervention or policy setting. The AssuredSAN Pro 5000 detects data storage priorities and optimizes the delivery of priority/high demand data in real time. By prioritizing data and migrating it in real-time the system can deliver up to 80% of the IO from the SSD tiering, dramatically improving overall storage performance and response time.

Key Applications

Key applications where hybrid storage and SSDs improve performance are: database lookup, virtual desktop, storage for virtualized servers, self-service kiosks, student online registration, and campus-wide video surveillance monitoring and transcoding, and metadata storage.

Features and Benefits

  • RealTier™, Storage Tiering software moves important data without policies or nightly data migration
  • RealThin™, Thin provisioning solution allows easy expansion on your schedule
  • Configurations to fit your storage performance and capacity requirements
  • Optional AssuredRemote™, remote replication software combined with vSphere’s SRM provides a complete site failover solution
  • Automated pooling dramatically simplifies storage setup, allowing storage to be managed from a single pool.
  • Rapidly RAID rebuild capability
  • Simple, intuitive GUI for management and performance monitoring, preset RAID levels
  • Microsoft and VMware certified.

Reliability You Can Trust

The 5000 Series is based on the highly reliable AssuredSAN® architecture which is able to achieve 99.999% availability which is essential to virtual server environments. AssuredSAN products all includes dual controllers, fans, power, and hot swappable drives as standard. Patented EcoStor™ batteryless cache backup eliminates the need for battery maintenance, boosting availability.

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