Data Mover File Manager

Data Mover File Manager

Command-line Media Transfer Power

Cross platform

Sequence aware

With 3D stereoscopic optimizer plus bandwidth-throttling option

Perfect for workflow automization



Versatile. Flexible. 3D ready.

Data Mover, the perfect tool for command-line power users, allows you to incorporate Bright's media management benefits deeper into your infrastructure. Create innovative and individual scripts, customized for your unique workflow needs.

DataMover is designed to expose some of the most powerful elements to Bright's data transfer technologies. Use automation and scripting to take your media environment to the next level and also accommodates the power users in your organization who can leverage its additional features in creative and innovative processes.

3D Stereoscopic optimizer included

Simplify the work flow requirements of 3D post-production. Bright's application agnostic 3D Stereoscopic optimizer reduces the need for additional storage by enabling content creators to merge 3D frames for optimized playback in one contiguous stream. 

Our tool makes 3D workflows easier to manage in terms of data wrangling and storage performance and ensures that hardware costs are kept to a minumum as operators do not need to work on two volumes or name spaces.

With 3D Stereoscopic Optimizer 3D projects become more accessible for small post production facilities as it eases the burden of hardware costs.

At the same time, it achieves more reliable and predictable performance from the storage.


Key Features

  • Command-line power
  • Cross-platform high performance transfer engine (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux)
  • Media-savvy sequence management regardless of transfer target
  • 3D Stereoscopic Optimizer merges streams of 3D files for optimized playback

Product Overview (pdf)

Download the Manual (pdf) 


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