Data Optimizer Defragmentation

Data Optimizer Defragmentation

Sequence-Aware File Defragmentation

Cross platform 

Sequence aware

Higher levels throughput

With multi-threaded intelligence

High-perofrmance optimization


Outstanding special skills 

Talk about truth in a name. Data Optimizer is specifically designed for the media and entertainment industry - and one of the industry's most adavanced and sophisticated defragmentation options available today.

Using Bright's unique media file handling knowledge-base, Data Optimizer includes a range of features to improve the efficiency of any shared media post-production environment operating on Quantum StorNextFS® or FalconStor HyperFS


Improve File System Performance - sequentially

Like every standard defragmentation tool, Data Optimizer heals your file as it restores optimal data or file arrangement by optimizing its layout on the disks.

But Data Optimizer can do more: by being sequence-aware, Data Optimizer  creates large contiguous portions of files, bringing improved efficiency to your workflow and therefore generating higher levels of throughput. 

With its multi-threaded intelligence, Data Optimizer restores the performance of the file system in your shared media environment.

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