Bright Clip SA Recording Technology

Bright Clip SA Recording Technology

Proactive file allocation - intelligent, flexible, and fast. The unique solution that is 100% effective

Perfected Proactive File Allocation

Eliminates performance loss on the storage subsystem caused by fragmentation, randomization, and interleaving. Dynamically and intelligently adjusts allocation sizes - in real-time.

Enhance Data Storage Stability and Management

Bright Clip, our patented software technology for proper file recording, popular shared media environments for optimal file layout on metadata controller subsystems and servers.

With Bright Clip SA Advanced Recording Technology, specifically designed and developed for network file servers in shared media environments with demands on low-latencies, the benefits are now available as an add-on to all other data storage providers for enhanced Metadata controller sub-systems and servers.

Bright Clip SA: Features

Bright Clip SA® is scary smart. It is proactive rather than reactive with an elegant intelligence that automatically interprets file sequences, recognizes file names, and dynamically adjusts allocation sizes - all in realtime. By being sequence aware and file format agnostic, Bright Clip SA ensures the optimal file layout on any storage subsystem and server. Bright Clip efficiently maximizes data storage reliability and stability while improving storage space and resource management. Bright Clip does the sequential thinking for you and lets you focus on a seamless, cost-effective, efficient workflow.

Bright Clip SA: Benefits

While similar software solutions may utilize a slow, time consuming and costly manual defragmentation process to maintain a competent level of sub-system and server performance, the Bright Clip SA proprietary software solution offers an elegant proactive optimal file layout feature directed onto the data storage disks which continually updated, in real time, when files are written. This allows for a fast, automatic, one-time process that is efficient and cost-effective. by automatically increasing space and resource management on the first pass, Bright Clip SA proactive intelligence eliminates fragmentation, randomization, and interleaved files which results in more uptime and increase in performance.

Bright Clip SA: Less Maintenance. More Profits.

As the only maintenance-free subsystems and server software solution currently available, Bright Clip SA guarantees more uptime and an increase in profits to you. by maximizing and stabilizing a one-of-a-kind system performance solution, Bright Clip SA boost your ROI as well as your clients.

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