The Farmers Wife

The Farmers wife

Schedule, Manage, Relax

A unique scheduling view to create a relationship between your projects & resources. We understand that when you plan and manage your project the aim is to be as accurate and precise as possible. But as we all know at any point the project can change, equipment becomes unavailable, people change their minds and time always seems disappear if not tracked.

Farmerswife workflows are based on more than a decade of experience, scheduling real life situations, for companies of all sizes. Our experience will always be there for you.

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The Farmers wifePlan objectives. Get people together. Accomplish goals.

Knowing what your odds are at any given moment is what makes you good game player. Bu running farmerswife gives you the tools to weigh the odds in your favour, and be ready for the uncertainty of productions - because your business is not a game.

Managing your people, rooms, equipment, media, service and anything you could ever need to track, makes your management skills shine.

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The Farmers wifeFull featured financial tools

Create your financial strategy. Being able to predict and evaluate in real time and provide a cost analysis on your project is a vital tool for your business. Farmerswife provides the tools you need to help make your company more profitable.

Integrate fully with your favorite accounts package and transfer your invoiced project information easily and accurately.

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The Farmers wifeIt is a play time 

Our play option will let you share, collaborate and deliver media. Share directly from farmerswife to your own branded web interface.

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